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        When it comes to lighting an office space with LED luminaires, people are usually willing to invest in sustainability provided the investment pays back. At the same time, the system should comply with office lighting norms to ensure a comfortable working environment. PowerBalance is Philips’ most energy-efficient office-norm-compliant LED luminaire. It more than halves energy costs compared to a T5 solution, and the light source has a longer lifetime. This results in significantly lower operational costs, ensuring a payback that meets the needs of the specification market. PowerBalance surface-mounted luminaires are easy to install on ceilings thanks to their intuitive mounting system. PowerBalance is also available in a recessed version.


        Extremely efficient office-norm-compliant LED luminaire
        Good-quality lighting solution for direct replacement of T5 luminaires in most indoor applications
        Significantly reduces operational costs, resulting in an attractive payback time
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