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    These brackets are dedicated to CitySpirit luminaires. Their distinctive design ensures perfect integration of the luminaire into the urban environment. The individual parts are not welded, allowing disassembly for recycling and preventing any visible welding lines (important for brackets installed at low mounting heights). The bracket is painted after assembly to ensure perfect finishing and features a wire guide for fast and easy installation. The standard color is Philips Ultra Dark Grey; other colors are also available upon request.


    Perfect integration in the urban architecture, with luminaire, mast and bracket designed as an integrated concept
    Matches excellent urban lighting performance during darkness hours with outstanding aesthetics during the day
    Wide choice of masts, brackets, lanterns and optical elements offers complete, elegant solutions for every situation


    Choice of models, including wall-mounted and bollard versions
    Choice of conventional or LED light sources (upgradeable LED light engine)
    Wide range of masts and brackets


    Urban, residential and pedestrian areas
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