Best in Class dimmable spiral-shaped energy saving lamp

Tornado Dimmable

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    Tornado T3 Dimmable lamps is our Champion of lighting dimmer, which is ideal to change the light depending on your needs and moods. Tornado has high performance bright light. It is small in design so fits in nearly all luminaires. Spiral shape makes this lamp highly decorative and attractive, especially for modern interiors.


    Best in class dimming lamp, superior dimmability and reliable performance throughout the life
    Save your money with long life-time and high energy efficiency compare to incandescent lamp
    More switching cycles than standard energy-saving lamps


    Long-Life and Energy saving alternative to Incandescent lamps
    Dimmable down of nominal light output


    Designed to replace incandescent lamps with dimming applications, preferrably indoor areas
    Suitable to be used with dimmers (only compatible dimmers)
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